Thursday, March 28, 2013

Going home

My 007 litter has flown the nest...mostly.  After struggling for weeks to think of a litter theme, I was watching tv when...WHAM, it hit me.  James Bond Movies.  All my pups have registered names that are 007 movies.  This was a great litter and I am sad to se them go.  They were so consistent in terms of temperament and conformation.  It was a very tough litter to evaluate!
 Mr. Green is now Moonsong Goldeneye and is in a breed potential home in Florida
 Mr. Red is now Moonsong Quantum of Solace and is in a breed potential home in Washington.  He lives with his grandpa Aspencreek Jackson and his aunt Big Sky Laly.  He also has a new "littermate"- young Chesney, who obviously is quite pleased with her new puppy.
Here is Mr. Red with Grandpa Jackson

 Mr. Blue is now Moonsong Thunderball and lives in a pet home in Oregon 
 Naked Boy is now Moonsong Dr. No of Aspencreek and lives in a breed potential home in Washington
 Mr. Red on the ride home- so sweet!
 The pups get some last minute nursing in before leaving
 Mr. Red and his new family
 Miss Pink is now Moonsong Diamonds are Forever and lives in a pet home in Washington
 Mr. White is now Moonsong's You Only Live Twice and he is staying with the Moonsong pack for now while I decide whether to keep him or....
 ...Miss Yellow, who is now Moonsong Skyfall
 Miss Yellow was able to get up on the couch on her own to cuddle between Wink and Cornelia
 Mr. Green's new canine family
 Miss yellow between mom, Cornelia, and grandma, Chili 
 Mr. Green certainly looks happy on the beach in Florida!
 Mr. White soaks up the sun 
 The two remaining pups are STILL nursing.  Yikes- Cornelia needs to cut them off before they are bigger than she is!
 Miss Yellow
 Miss Yellow and Mr. White 
 Mr. Green goes home
 Mr. Blue goes home
 Who needs expensive toys when there is an empty box to play with!!
Mr. Lime is now Moonsong Moonraker and is in a breed potential home in Colorado

Monday, March 4, 2013

Week 5 and 6

The pups have been so much fun these last two weeks.  I have been able to spend lots of time with them as I had a horrible ear, sinus, and respiratory infection at the same time and was off work for over a week.  The pups helped me get out of bed!  It was during this bed rest that I had my Eureka moment in terms of litter theme.  This litter will be my 007 litter.  All the pups will be named after James Bond movies.  The owners will get to pick their movie ( with a couple exceptions...I doubt AKC will view Octopussy favorably as a name!)  This has been one of my best litters in terms of ease of care.  They are all so friendly and bold and very consistent in temperament.  new people- no problem, shiny floors- no problem, stairs- no problem.  The pups had two nice days in the sun playing in the front yard before being banished to the backyard after Miss Yellow decided passing cars were very interesting!  Safety first.
Mr. Green is very curious about the camera
 Chesney starts a fun game of chase with the pups 
 We were supposed to be taking stacked photos but mostly they ended this way:-)
 Mr. Green showing off his licker
 Do I have to Stand?  I would rather cuddle
 Mr. Lime gardening
 Stop for a scratch
 Someone looks guilty 
 Naked boy kept trying to lick the lens
 Miss Pink is doing her Yoda impression
 Mr. Red watches Chesney
 So relaxed- so cute!
 Faethe commandeered Chesney's toy and the pups were quite jealous
 My toy! 
 I don't know who looks guiltier!
 nap time  
 yummy slippers 
 only 6 of the pups at the bar and it is still full

 Faethe watches some wrestling
 The pups started on the weana-feeda this week- each pup gets his/her own bowl
 lunch is over, let's play
 fun time
 puppy stampede
 miss yellow
 Cornelia comes out to play
 chase me
 pups are rewarded with a snack
 yikes!  That does not look comfortable!
 pretty mom
 playing inside
 Grandma Chili gives a bath

 nice and clean
 if wrestling is happening, yellow is in on it!
 Faethe ears are good toys
 Kila finally gets to play with pups now that they are not so fragile 
 11 month old Wink is a good babysitter! do I get up there?
 mom is a good mountain!
 everyone pile on

 Something has their attention
 more wrestling
 more chasing 
 puppy, come here!
 enjoying the sun

 hauling butt
 exploring the neighbors garden

 not much room to get a snack!  I am afraid to see them at 7 weeks trying to nurse!
 Don't worry, Cornelia, you will get your figure back!
 Mr. Blue
Who doesn't love puppy kisses!!